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Strengthening Metabolism

Superfoods Green Tea 30caps

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Reducing Appetite

Superfoods SlimDetox Strawberry & Berries 300ml

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Detox is the step before the diet that will lead you to lose weight. With the detox process you will eliminate all those substances that create toxicity in your body and harm your health. This elimination is mainly done through the intestine and liver.

Unfortunately, the current lifestyle (stress, poor diet, smoking, pollutants, etc.) makes it difficult to eliminate toxins.

Do you know the effect of accumulated toxins?
Oxidative stress
Lack of energy
Inability to concentrate
Memory disorders
Inflation etc.

So you understand that detox before the start of the diet is one way!

An ally in detoxification are the specialized dietary supplements and creams you will find at Fotopharmacy that prepare the body for the start of the diet!!