Slimming Night


Slimming Night

Elancyl Slim Design Night 200ml


Your body works while you sleep!
Scientists believe that the best way to lose weight is just more sleep. So if your goal is to lose weight intensively at night, take advantage of the darkness and lose weight!

How do we lose weight at night?
Good sleep can really help you lose weight and prevent obesity. When you are exhausted, you are more hungry and this can affect what you eat. A study from Columbia University found that adults who did not sleep well consumed an average of 300 more calories a day, mostly from saturated fats. Most adults need about eight hours of sleep to feel refreshed.

The number of calories burned during sleep varies from person to person, however the average person burns about 77 calories per hour. That means about 500 calories in eight hours a night, which support breathing, heart rate, nervous system and body temperature. Finally, at night you can take advantage of your skin by applying a slimming product that facilitates the reduction of accumulated local thickness, helps to decongest fluids and prevents the formation of new accumulation of fat. See what you can do to ensure weight loss at night!

The night is the ideal time to apply a slimming product such as the 7 Nights Intensive Slimming by Somatoline Cosmetic or the Cellu Slim Night by Elancyl. This is because at night there is an increase in blood circulation which raises the body temperature, which speeds up the metabolism. This mechanism intensifies the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in slimming products, thus combating the accumulated local thickness and decongesting the tissues from excess fluids. In addition, because the skin is more permeable at night compared to the day, the components of the slimming product penetrate it faster, thus helping the cellular mechanism and activating the mechanisms of fat removal. Finally, during the night, it is restored, rebuilt and repaired and collagen and elastin are produced, which helps the smooth appearance of the skin.

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