The Best Kids’ Toothpaste Products

Brushing in children should start as soon as the first teeth come out. Oral hygiene should be practiced by the mother until the age of 6, when the child acquires the skill to brush properly on his own. At the beginning, when the child cannot spit out the toothpaste, the mother can only brush the first teeth with a baby toothbrush fluoride-free and water. From the age of 3 to 6, the mother can use low-fluoride baby toothpaste (500ppmF-1000ppmF). When a child is 6 years of age or older, he or she can brush his or her teeth with fluoride-containing adult toothpaste (1450ppmF-1500ppmF).

Brushing your teeth at any age should be done at least 2 times a day.

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