Anti Lice

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The Best Lice Treatment Products for Kids

Itching, scratching and lice: it could happen to every family! The appearance of lice on your child’s head is not due to poor or inadequate hygiene, it does not cause long-term health problems and there are effective treatments that you will find in the pharmacy and they will safely remove them.

Lice are more common in children than in adults, affect girls more often than boys, and are very easily transmitted from child to child through direct contact with their heads through common objects such as brushes, towels, bedding, and more. and from clothes hanging on hangers at school or daycare. The lice can survive up to 55 hours away from the host’s skin, does not fly as most people mistakenly believe, and is not transmitted through pets to humans. In addition, lice do not like dirty hair as they have difficulty feeding.

Leave lice out of your kid’s hair by giving the proper treatment through many brands and products that you will find only at Fotopharmacy!